The Staff

Brian Forbes

Brian Forbes is a Grammy-nominated producer/mixer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He is the co-owner of The Gallery Recording Studio. He graduated from the University of Miami Coral Gables, FL with a degree in Jazz Guitar/Studio Performance. He has more than 20 years of engineering and production experience and has recorded in numerous environments ranging from remote recordings out in the Arizona desert, to DIY Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi set-ups to state-of-the-art million dollar studios containing NEVE and SSL consoles.

Over the past 7 years at the Gallery he has worked with great artists such as We Are Augustines (Amnesty International), Bilal (Interscope),  Grammy nominee Emily King (J Records), Sonya Kitchell (Velour), Grammy winner Fernando Otero (NoneSuch), EDM artist Inner Party System (Island/RedBull)  and the indie-rapper Soul Khan. In the past Brian has worked closely alongside many top notch producers including Jimmy Lenner (John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Donna Summer), Disco D (50 Cent), and Megahertz (Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy.) He has recently produced records for Fernando Otero, Dorie Colangelo, Jodie Levinson, Kat Spina, Aabaraki, aMBe, The New Self-Defense, Kim Kalesti, Andrea Wright and many others. He has also done extensive Soundtrack work including Recordist, Music Producer & Mixer for  the feature film “Sedona: The Movie”, Composer for the Documentary “Meditation Makeover”, and Composer/recordist for a number of smaller films.

Brian is also a performer/composer currently very active in the New York City music scene. He is the guitar player and producer for Aabaraki (Rockwood Music) and aMBe.

Produced/Recorded :  We Are Augustines \”Mama You’re On My Mind”

Recorded and Mixed : Emily King “All I Can Become”

Recorded/Mixed/Co-Produced : Kat Spina “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”

Produced/Recorded/Mixed: Aabaraki feat. Soul Khan – “Karate”

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered : The New Self-Defense – “The Whip”

Keith Parker

Since co-founding the Gallery in 2006, Keith has engineered and produced releases for Clean Feed, Triple Crown, Psi, I and Ear, AUM Fidelity, Porter, Hot Cup and other labels. Keith has worked extensively on the NYC music scene, primarily splitting his engineering skills between jazz/improvised music and  “Brooklyn bands”. He has worked with artists such as William Parker, Joe Morris, Peter Evans , Mary Halvorson, Steve Swell, Nate Wooley and also bands such as Skeletons, As Tall As Lions, PC Worship, Motel Motel, Jive Grave, Afuche and Puttin’ On The Ritz.

Keith graduated from Bard College where he studied music performance and the recording arts.  He also worked as an assistant at the Clubhouse Recording studio in Rhinebeck, NY. For the last 5 years Keith has been a recording engineer for the Vision Festival, an annual avant-garde jazz festival held in downtown Manhattan. Keith continues his involvement with music in performance as well, playing improvised music as well as being a member of a number of “Brooklyn bands”.

Selected Album Credit List:

William Parker Organ Qt.
(recording/mixing engineer)

Peter Evans: Nature/Culture
(recording/mixing on disc 1)

Puttin On The Ritz: White Light / White Heat
(recording/mixing engineer)

Katherine Young: Further Secret Origins
(recording/mixing engineer)

Peter Evans Quartet: Live in Lisbon
(mixing engineer)

As Tall As Lions: You Can’t Take It With You
(engineering on bonus material)

Jon Markson

Jon Markson is a producer/engineer/musician.  He has worked and performed on a number of records of wide variety and unique character by artists including but not limited to: Such Gold (Razor & Tie), George Watsky, Shake The Baron (super duper records), Taking Meds (Broken World Media), J57, Time Crisis (fameless fam) and many more.    His time is split between touring the world in various vans and chiseling away at your next project at The Gallery Recording Studio.  He once filled in on bass for seminal 90′s Fat Wreck Chords skate punk band “Strung Out”  for a full US tour. Though they were all 20+ years his senior, they often referred to him as a “cool ass dude” or “the wolf” and insisted on feeding him tequila on stage almost every night.

Hailing from Allentown, PA – Jon bought an electric guitar at age 12, following his fixation on skateboarding and Green Day.  Mere months later, he convinced his father of the virtues of buying an 8-track recorder.  Thus a life long passion for noise-making and its subsequent capture were born, at first to his parent’s chagrin.

Markson has spent the subsequent years tumbling around local, national, and international music scenes, composing and performing in several different outfits, learning about the technical and social function of what we know as “music”, and skateboarding.  A passion for sound has allowed him to use these projects as vessels to improve his skills as an engineer and further his creative voice.  He has been lucky enough to connect with patient mentors along the way, who helped foster a critical mind and sensitive ears, in and out of the studio.

Maria Brodskaya

Maria Brodskaya is a pianist, violinist, singer and composer, trained in classical, jazz and popular music at the Kharkov Conservatory and the Russian Academy of Music. She has performed internationally at venues all over Europe,

North America and South America. Since 2012 Maria has been living in New York City, working at the “Gallery Recording Studio” as a music producer, arranger and composer. She has been very busy writing and recording live orchestral instrumentations, programing extensive electronic accompaniment in both, Logic and Abelton Live. As well as working as a session musician, recording piano, violin and vocals for various artists.

Maria recently collaborated with the Grammy award winning composer/pianist Fernando Otero on the album “RITUAL”, on which she was the featured vocalist.

Her new project with guitarist/producer Brian Forbes is called “aMBe” and has recently released the singles “Of Your Crimes” and “I Don’t Care No More”.  Now she is hard working at the studio finishing her first album.

John Jagos

John Jagos is an engineer and electronic music producer at The Gallery. After graduating from Ohio University in 2012 with a degree in Audio-Music Production, he moved to Brooklyn to begin his career as an audio engineer. John has experience recording a wide spectrum of musical genres.  His forté is electronic music. Known in the synthpop world as Brothertiger, he has released an LP with Mush Records and has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. John has worked with an amazing array of producers and engineers, working as an assistant engineer for Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Long Beach All Stars) and Daniel Schlett (DIIV, Here We Go Magic, Yeasayer). To hear samples of his work, check out