Artist of the Week : Michaela Anne

Michaela Neller

I first met Michaela Anne at Pete’s Candy Store singing background vocals for another great singer/songwriter Kyle Ervin.  It took me awhile to hear her original music, but once i did, i was hooked. In a sea of NYC songwriters, she stands out as  a fresh young voice truly worthy of discovery.


As Michaela says in her myspace, she grew up in a military family and got moved around all over the country, luckily “she picked up musical influences as diverse as the places she lived.”  And you can really hear it in her music.  “Americana” is something that alot of people aspire to capture, achieving  varying amounts of success.  Michaela’s music captures that America that she has not only seen or read about, but truly lived…  with a style that is honest and heartfelt, without ever being downtrodden and depressed.


Her writing is strong and getting stronger. Every song i hear is better than the last as she continues to evolve and refine her style.  There is a certain ease to her vocal delivery,  and a clarity of idea that  lets her lyrics really shine through. When she sings, the listener can relate and really feel the often complicated emotions of real life in the music.


Michaela recorded her duo EP at the Gallery earlier this year, where you can hear her voice in its true form.  Tucker Yaro’s bass playing is a great counterpoint to the guitar  and his harmony vocals create a beautiful blend, allowing them to achieve a huge yet delicate sound in the duo format.  She’ll be recording a full band album in the new year that will undoubtedly fill out her sound and allow her songs to reach new heights.

Catch Michaela Anne live at Rockwood Music Hall tonight (Dec 15) at 11pm or at Sycamore in Brooklyn on Feb 12th at 8pm.

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  1. Chris Force

    Hi Michaela, Congratulations of your write-up. This is really exciting. I have one of your EP CDs and truly enjoy your music. (In case my name doesn’t ring a bell for you, I am friends with your Aunt Maggie and knit the bolero sweater) Hope to hear you play the next time you are in Michigan.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year.



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